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Sauber F1 Disqualified From Australian GP


The next Formula One season has brought with it a raft of new rules and regulations. In this highly competitive environment team are continuously looking for any adjustment to give them a competitive edge over the other 11 teams. However teams various ways of “interpreting the rules” can sometimes land them in a heap of trouble with the FIA. Sauber F1 have been disqualified from todays Australian race after the governing body deemed their rear wing illegal.

Sauber made a good start to 2011 with their drivers coming in 7th and 8th collecting vital championship points. Or should we say would have… The teams variation of the wing does not match the specified measurements given to all teams and so they have been stripped of their points and removed from the results. Sauber intend to appeal against the ruling saying it gave no performance advantage.

The car showed a promising start to its campaign but rules are rules.