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Seat Leon Cupra R, As Hot As the Spanish Sun


In complete contradiction to just launching its most fuel efficient model ever, Seat have brought their most powerful car yet into full view. The Leon Cupra R is an automotive kidney punch to its rivals as the new car produces 265BHP and with that streaking bodyline it’s going to turn heads.

The Cupra R’s 2.0 litre engine has been paired with a nice beefy turbocharger to get the adrenalin of the hot-hatch fan racing. Torque in this Spanish star is pegged at 350NM and that is available from as low as 2,500RPM! Top speed is limited to 155MPH and with a 34.9MPG rating the Seat Cupra R is looking to be a good all-rounder, and let’s not forget whilst look at these figures that this is a hatchback and thus can be used every day.

With 0-62MPH done in 6.2 seconds it will give some of its competitors a run for their money, but it’s no RS beater. The car goes on sale later this August.