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Seat Mii FR Concept Gives Up! Its Secrets


VW’s little city car appears to be doing rather well now it is out and about in the big wide world. The Up! is indeed on the up, with sales producing very promising numbers. The well priced midget shares its platform with sister cars that all remain under the rule of the VW empire. Seats variant, the Mii, has just added a little bit of spice to the mix.

Testing the water for a potential hot hatch model, the Seat Mii FR Concept brings all the looks of the performance badge. New body work brings forth a more aggressive side of the pleasant little car. The contrasting trim as well as swollen bumpers suggests that the 1.0 litre engine may be harboring a few secrets. Unfortunately not in this concepts case. Despite the spoiler, 16 inch rims and sporty interior that leads you to believe some engineering magic may have occurred, the machine underneath is actually standard. If the Mii FR were to come to market then things might get interesting, but right now this hatchback is simply in a mask.