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Seat Mii Gets Busy With Special Edition


Special edition cars may appear to be a great marketing ploy, but when that brand new motor is 5 years old, then it reveals itself to be a worthy choice all those thousands of miles ago. Buying a secondhand car is always that bit more exciting when you spot a special edition and from the sellers perspective they retain a tad more value. It’s win-win. What is set to be a future win-win situation is this Vibora Negra.

Based upon the brilliant little Seat Mii, the Vibora Negra special edition is a smart looking proposition. Over the standard car this machine gets twin stripes, 15 inch black alloy wheels, black spoiler, black mirrors and some little tweaks to the interior. The Vibora Negra, meaning black viper in spanish, not only has a cool name but the package can be fitted to any Mii model. That means you could get your hands on one for as little as £9,500.