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Sebastian Loeb Dominates Pikes Peak


Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes PeakMost motorsport events are strictly governed by rules and regulations that are mainly there in the interest of safety. This is the very reason why rally drivers are not tearing about forests in 700BHP mega machines any longer. However, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb’s unlimited class is just that, unlimited. Driving the closest thing to a modern-day Group-B rally car we shall ever see, 9 times WRC champion Sebastian Loeb has taken on the mountain.

The 875BHP Peugeot 208 T16 flew up the now all tarmac route faster than a fireman gets out of bed. It really was something special to watch as the mid-engined machine was the perfect tool for this Frenchman to dominate at the event. Loeb smashed the previous record by over 92 seconds clocking in at the finish line with a run of 8 minutes 13.876 seconds. The word obliterated does not do justice when describing what Sebastian and that car did to the competition… But then what else can you expect from a man who has 896 rally stage wins under his belt?