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The Secret Mid Engine Porsche 911


Mid Engine Porsche 911The signature of the Porsche 911 is that its engine is mounted at the rear. That fact is what makes its DNA so unique in the world of sports cars. Engine placement influences its shape, its handling and its appeal. The 911 has always been rear engined throughout its history, or has it? On a few occasions people have pondered the possibility of a mid engine Porsche 911, but obviously the German company would never put something such as that into production as it corrupts what a 911 is. However, that doesn’t mean they never built one.

Hidden away in the archive of the Porsche Museum in Germany are some very unique cars. Everything from historic racing cars to a one-off bullet proof 911. A recently published video shows that a mid engined Porsche 911 exists and was actually built by Porsche as a test mule for the then up-and-coming Boxster. The prototype car disguised various comments that would make it into the Boxster including its engine in the middle which replaced this 911’s rear seats. A darkened rear window prevented snoopers from revealing the development of such a car before the company.

Check out the video below to find out more about this secret mid engine Porsche 911.