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Shocking New Mercedes SLS E-Cell Leaked


It seems that manufactures at the moment are made like sieves as they are leaking images of yet to be announced models left right and centre. Just last week we brought you the stunning new S-Class and yesterday the 2011 BMW 5 Series M-Sport. Today it’s Mercedes-Benz that has been stung again with these pictures of the new electric SLS.

Named the E-Cell this SLS contains four-wheel-drive and two stores for those all-important batteries. The prototype specifications are very exciting as all the motors combined creates 519BHP and 649lb of torque. But the best part is that this variant of the car will rev to 12,000RPM!!! 0-60MPH is up slightly to 4.0 seconds but for a car that even the environmentalists can admire it’s not exactly a hearse.

Expect the production E-Cell to roll off the block during 2013.