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Silverstone, The Home of Motorsport


1948 saw the opening of Silverstone, a race track built on top of an airfield that had the honor of hosting the worlds first grand prix. The venue captivated spectators drawing them back year on year. But there is more to the “SIlverstone magic” than it’s history…

We went to Silverstone to attend the Renault World Series that consisted of many disciplines of race car. Over the past few years the track has been undergoing changes that secured its place as host of the British Formula One leg for the next 17 years. Along with some alterations to the already spirited circuit a new building lords over the checkered flag. Named “the wing” this intriguing structure houses new pit and paddock areas bringing what is widely known as “one of the worlds best tracks” back into contention with more modern venues.

 The thing about Silverstone is that there is not a bad seat in the house, be it sat at Stowe corner or on a grass hill. Its design pushes man and machine at every opportunity meaning action on track is thrilling from every perspective.

Though the British weather can play its part, Silverstone has not lost its charm that it was graced with way back in 1948.