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Skoda Citigo Gets Pumped Up!


Yes it is yet another VW Up! pun in the title… As mentioned in a previous article, the VW Up! shares its platform with other brands under the Germans vast umbrella. The Mii from Seat and Citigo from Skoda are effectively the same car with a different badge. Skoda are VW’s test bed for their entrance into the WRC next year and the Fabia S2000’s have inspired a rather mad concept car.

Named the Citigo Rally Concept, this is the end result of putting VW’s cute little Up! on steroids. 18 inch rims engulf the space within the wheel arches, the bodywork is flared to the most outrageous degree making it a truly menacing sight. There is no word on what is powering this concept but it does raise a very interesting point. Could the Citigo be seen as a viable rally car in the future?