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Skoda Citigo Revealed


Run for your lives! The economic apocalypse is on its way and there is nothing anybody can do!!! That is an almost direct quote from a British newspaper telling the public that we might as well dig our graves now. Well, things aren’t that bad yet (not that they will get that bad as said paper has a tendency to exaggerate) and whilst we still have some pennies to rub together people are still buying cars. Smaller cars, but cars none the less.

This is Skoda’s new Citigo and it is based on the VW up! that we are very eager to test. The little green machine is powered by a new 3 cylinder engine with 59BHP or 74BHP and a lovable MPG of 62.8/60.1 respectively. Arriving next summer, the Citigo will start at a very affordable £7,000. Rumors are also circulating of an electric variant.