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Skoda Fabia RS


I’m going to be completely honest… We at Inside Lane aren’t fans of Skoda at all, we found older models to be poorly build and extremely lifeless. However these days Skoda is owned by VW and as a result the majority of their cars on sale carry the traits of its parent company. Many are now well equipped and offer more than cup holders as standard equipment, build quality is much improved and as they run variations of VW engines their not really underpowered anymore. So despite our preconceptions and bedrock principles, we can’t really laugh at the Skoda man anymore. To ensure we don’t continue our prejudice of Skoda bashing, the company have gone all out in an attempt to change our perspectives.

This is the Skoda Fabia RS and it’s basically undergone the standard kick-arse rally sport transformation. Its angular stance gives the normally rather tame hatch a really aggressive profile, and with those bonnet nostrils it looks like it could mean business. The radioactive tint of the wheels and roof look to be clear warnings to the hard-core hot-hatch such as the Clio 200 CUP.

We will reserve judgment for now as there is a severe lack of detail on specifications, but we have been told all will be reviled on 14th May.