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Skoda VisionC Concept has all the right Angles


Skoda VisionC Concept profileOnce upon a time Skoda were something of a punchline in automotive jokes, however, today under the guidance of Volkswagen their products provide very well priced and ultimately dependable alternatives to their Skoda VisionC Concept frontcompetitors. Parts sharing keeps the costs low, whilst they also benefit from German reliability. Skoda are looking to expand their model range by fitting a new saloon into the line-up. A concept car at this years Geneva motor show reveals all. Skoda VisionC Concept has all the right angles.

Well, this car has something to say for itself doesn’t it? The Skoda VisionC Concept is a lift-back saloon with a very bold design language. The hard body lines and steep angles define the overall look of the car. Tasteful chrome trim and some very interesting alloy wheels complete the exterior of the lean mean green machine. It definitely looks like a premium product and being based on Volkswagens MQB platform it should drive like one too. This car has the potential to shift Skoda’s competitors from being Ford’s and Renault’s to Mercedes with their CLA and BMW with an up and coming 2 Series saloon.