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Smart For-us Concept To Put The BUZZ into Pick-Ups


It has been quiet on the Smart car front for some time now. We have seen some rather average concepts but nothing very solid at all. Is the once ridiculously popular little car loosing touch with the market it used to dominated? Not if parent company Mercedes-Benz has anything to do with it! Their latest concept has SPARKED an interest.

Incase you hadn’t picked up on the electricity puns yet, the new concept car is battery powered. More radical than that it is the fact that the For-us is a miniature pick-up truck. The cheekily curvaceous appearance of the model isn’t displeasing and the novel idea of a city sized pick-up is also something we like. The electric motor produces 74BHP and 96lb-ft of torque. No word on range as yet and Smart do stress that this is just a concept for now.