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Smart Forstars Concept Shows Companies Electric Future


The once very popular Smart brand are no longer the responsible for the majority of tiny little cars hiding in big spaces. The Fortwo became much like a fashion accessory, but just like every other craze it tends to fade away. Smart are looking to the future and in their eyes that future needs a series of tiny little electric cars.

In cooperation with Renault, Smart are set to produce two electric cars that the French company will also get in a different guise. This Forstars Concept previews the future design language of these cars. The micro-machine SUV is powered by an electric motor that can muster 80BHP and 96lb-ft of torque. Smart say that the Forstars top speed is 81MPH. The battery can be charged using household sockets though no figures have been produced saying just how long that will take. Energy recovery methods are also incorporated in extend the cars range.

The most interesting feature of the Forstars is a bonnet mounted projector. This allows the driver to park facing a black wall and project a film or any piece of media onto it. Think of this as the worlds first electric mobile cinema.