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Special Edition Prius Celebrates 10 Years Of Misery


Toyota has seen huge success with the Prius, a hybrid that promises to save polar bears and various other creatures that live near the ice cubes. It has been adopted by everyone from the elderly couple down the road to A-list celebrities all wanting to show some form of green accreditation. But the truth is that this car isn’t all that eco-friendly as you can squeeze more MPG our of a diesel VW Golf. Not only is it overpriced but it is uncomfortable, costly to maintain and manages to collect the “least engaging” car award. I know over the past 10 years interior quality has improved but as a car, after all that is its primary function, it is so poorly conceived being built out of some rather low grade materials in a desperate bid to lower its weight thanks to the battery pack. And now Toyota are selling a special edition to celebrate 10 years of the Prius.

Naturally this car has no improvement on performance but it is limited to 1,000 units so at least its exclusive. Rear privacy glass and smoked 17-inch alloys make the car look uncomfortably poised, to be honest its a bit like taking your nan into a sportswear shop and getting her a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Leather comes as standard and a modified bodykit joins this £26,150 example of one of our most hated cars. For that price you could go the whole hog and get a top spec VW Golf BlueMotion with an excellent 1.6 litre engine and still save the planet.

Don’t rush to your local Toyota dealership a) because they wont sell out anytime soon and b) we are trusting that you are sane.