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Special Land Rover Defenders Mark the End


Land Rover Defender final editionThe Land Rover defender is a very special, and today rather unique, car that holds a prestigious place in the history of British engineering. For decades this 4×4 has survived relatively unchanged in one of the ultimate examples of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Off-road this legend is one of the best, hence its long service with the armed forces. However, time has finally caught up with the “old girl” and by the end of 2015 the Land Rover Defender as we know it will be no more. Celebrating its final year, the Defender has three final special editions to say goodbye.

Kicking things off is the Heritage Edition which features Grasmere Green paint, a contrasting white roof, silver bumpers and a classic Defender grill. Just 400 of these will be produced and are available as a 90 Hard Top, 90 Station Wagon and 110 Station Wagon.

Next is the Autobiography Edition which has to be the most luxurious Defender ever! Costing from £61,845 it gets a more powerful 148BHP diesel engine that churns out 195lb ft of torque. Inside Windsor leather upholsters most surfaces with its seats receiving contrasting stitching. Only 80 will be built.

Finally we have our personal favourite of the bunch. Pictured in Phoenix Orange, this is the Adventure Edition which also gets the upgraded 148BHP diesel engine. 600 of these will be produced with roof rack and snorkel. Extra protection for even more serious off-roading makes this the most capable of the three. From £43,995 it can be ordered as a 90 or 110 Station Wagon.

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