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Spider and GT Variants Set to Join McLaren 570S Stable


McLaren 570sA new era dawned at the 2015 New York Auto Show as McLaren launched its all-new Sports range, a fresh line of entry level sports cars anchored more in reality than the mystical fantasy world inhabited by the biblical P1 hypercar. The car to spearhead this new venture would be the 570S.

The middle sibling of the McLaren clan, the brilliantly engineered 650S, already comes in coupé and drop-top guise. Both have proven big hits, so naturally the rumour mill has long indicated a similar expansion of the 570S line-up. Now concrete confirmation has finally landed in our inbox; the 570S will get a Spider variant in 2017. But that’s not the end of the matter. A third body style is also on the way to partner the coupé and convertible in the form of a 570S GT edition.

Each new version will benefit from the coupé’s existing twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 engine boasting 562bhp and 443lb. Interestingly, McLaren has largely been able to eradicate performance loss on its more weighty convertible models, not least in the case of the 650S Spider. This drop-top will blast from 0-62mph just as quickly as its coupé counterpart and stops only a pinch short of its 207mph top speed. Much juggling and extrapolating of figures therefore points to the 570S Spider clocking 0-62mph in around 3.2 seconds and red-lining just north of the 200mph mark. By our best estimates, pricing for the Spider could start at around £165,000, roughly £20,000 more expensive than the coupé.

Before all that roof-down excitement, we can expect the new GT body style to debut sometime next year. In keeping with Grand Tourer tradition, space, practicality and ride comfort will be prioritised over pure performance, meaning the 570S GT will benefit from extra cabin space and a generally more opulent interior.

We shall keep our ears to the ground regarding exact release dates but rest assured, the 570S GT and Spider are well on the way to production.McLaren 570S 1