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Splitting The Atom, BAC Mono Unleashed


The Ariel Atom is a testimony to the motor car. Its simplistic design reaps biblical performance that puts the majority of cars costing six times the amount to shame. Ownership is a little tricky as it doesn’t have a roof or even a windscreen for that matter but as a cheap thrill it doesn’t get much better. Well that was until now… This is the BAC Mono.

Powered by a godly Cosworth engine producing 280BHP the Mono will do a run from standing to 60MPH in just 2.8 seconds. That is about the same amount of time it has taken you to read this sentence! 100MPH is vanquished in 6.7 and it wont stop until it reaches 170MPH. The cockpit seats one and the layout is very reminiscent of a Formula One car. But forget all these crazy numbers just for a moment and focus on this price, £79,950. This car brings a new meaning to the words performance bargain!

BAC, we had never heard of you but now it is a name that will stick firmly in our heads.