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Spyker Aims High, Huge Sales Push


The Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker makes some of the most individual models the world has ever seen. With its aeronautical heritage that inspires its fantastic interior and iconic design, these cars are really a rarity. Though that could be due to the sheer lack of sales…

Since 2002 Spyker has only sold 214 cars, a poor achievement over 8 years, but then again a product this individual isn’t to everybody’s liking. Sales must increase if the brand and indeed its new purchase, Saab, are to survive. The company aims to increase sales dramatically with the introduction of its new model the C8 Aileron and making it also available through selected Saab dealerships. 250 units sold by 2012 is the target and with production moving to the UK to increase output, there will be a steady supply of cars. In addition the company are working on an automatic gearbox option to better appeal to markets such as the US, China and the Middle East.

Can they manage to shift more cars in 2 years than they have in their entire modern-day existence? Well in my opinion the C8 could see on looks alone.