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Spyker Sells Sports Car Division


We hold a special place in our hearts for the Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker. The aeroplane builder turned performance car producer had a fantastic way of making their product very unique by incorporating the heritage from the skies and putting it on the road. Each car so carefully crafted with high levels of detail and of course exclusivity. They even bought out Saab to save it from falling into the pages of history. Today Spyker has been sold.

The company actually retains Saab and sights this as the future for them. The sports car arm of the business has been bought by a UK based firm who actually manufacture Spyker cars today. Think of it as the workers buying their own product if you will. The deal worth a reported £27,000,000 is to be signed, sealed and delivered very soon, but what does this mean for the cars with a propeller for the badge? According to the Russian man who owns the British business more jobs will be created and its business as usual. Well if the new C8 is business as usual, feel free to carry on.