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Ssang Yong Korando Revealed


Now we at Inside Lane have a fascination with the Korean manufacturer Sssang Yong. You see here in the UK these foreign curiosities are few and far between and there has been times where we have stopped whatever we are doing just to watch one in a car park. When you often come into contact with some of the worlds greatest machines you no longer see them as something that stands out on the road; but the poorly built, obscurely shaped Ssang Yong’s do strangely get us excited. We even play “spot the Ssang Yong” on trips to motor shows! Today our game gets a little easier with the introduction of the new Korando.

This poorly conceived crossover joins the road bringing a Korean attempt at the budget SUV back into focus. It is powered by a 2.0 litre diesel engine that can be paired with either amanual or automatic transmission. The car will achieve 47MPG and only emits 157g/km of C02 rivaling some of the best in its class. Don’t expect a wealth of luxury or movement that constitutes handling in any shape or form. But then again what do you expect from a company with the slogan “it works for me.”