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SSC End Ultimate Aero Production With A Bang


Mans never ending quest to go faster is something that is deeply engrained in us all. Even those who drive at 20MPH in a Prius sometimes get an uncontrollable twitch in their right foot, even if it is just for a second or two. This past decade has seen production cars go faster and faster with Bugatti and SSC battling it out of the ultimate crown. Though the SSC Ultimate Aero was vanquished by the Bugatti’s Super Sport variation of the Veyron, the American company still want to see their achievement go out with a bang.

Dubbed the SSC Ultimate Aero XT, this brute now punches the laws of physics in the face with the aid of some donor parts from the car that is to replace it. Powered by the Tautara’s 6.9 litre V8, this Aero now produces a staggering 1,300BHP. The 7 speed gearbox, breaks and fuel systems have also been pulled from the Tautara. Only 5 XT models will be produced and each shall sport a unique style of paint that is never to be used by SSC again.