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SSC to Take On Super Sport


The Bugatti Veyron sparked the next-gen race to obtain ever faster top speeds back in 2004. The car is a fantastic engineering achievement as not only was its terminal velocity 253MPH; it could reach it with the same composure as if it were 60MPH. But then SSC came and spoiled the party for Bugatti by a few MPH and that was a huge shame especially as the Ultimate Aero was nowhere near as refined as the Veyron. To be perfectly honest the SSC never did a record run to prove its acclaimed speed, but nevertheless Bugatti came back fighting with their 268MPH Super Sport just two weeks ago.

Now SSC vow to banish the Veyron for good with their next supercar. How soon will we see this Bugatti culling weapon? According to SSC it could be as soon as the end of summer! There are no other tangible details on the mysterious car, but the real question is will the Veyron retaliate?