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Subaru BRZ STI Breaks Cover


The well priced sports car market appears to be growing yet again after a steady decline in the early 2000’s. Gone are the likes of the MR2 but with people having less disposable income to spend on a car with sporting credentials, the likes of the Toyota/Subaru effort gets us all excited. Both manufacturers have been beavering away on this project and after months of speculation we get our first look at Subaru’s slice of the pie.

Named the BRZ STI, this concept preempts the unveiling of the finished car this December. With rear-wheel-drive and a 2.0 litre naturally aspirated engine the car is intriguing, though, with that STI badge we were hoping for a turbo. With uprated suspension, Brembo breaks, 18 inch rims and a more aggressive body over its Toyota counterpart we wait with baited breath.