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Subaru STi Performance Concept Shows Future


Subaru STi Performance conceptThe covers have been pulled of the Subaru STi Performance Concept at the New York Motor Show and points towards the future of the of the BRZ. It also showcases what STi is capable of as the company look to further implement this technology across their range. This concept is clearly a focused car and benefits from performance enhancing materials such as a huge rear wing, carbon fibre wing mirrors, carbon front splitter and rear diffuser as well as a carbon fibre roof.

To match the aggressive nature of this Performance Concept, it has been given a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine lifted out of a BRZ GT300, which produces around 300bhp. Other race focused improvements are revised suspension and chassis.

Despite giving a clear hint at a more powerful version of the BRZ, Subaru are keen to point out that this model won’t be put into production. They say the focus of this concept is on expanding the three main areas of Subaru’s performance models – aftermarkets, STi and motorsport.

Models that are tuned by STi will become available in the future, with the company’s main focus being in North America. These changes and modifications can consist of alterations to the suspension, chassis, aerodynamics as well as performance. Despite Subaru saying this won’t be put into production, we definitely would not complain if they did decide to put a more powerful BRZ up for sale.