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Team Lotus VS Group Lotus, The Conclusion


Formula One may be the worlds largest annual spectacle trotting the globe at 200MPH but at the end of the day it is still a business. The teams must fulfill their contractual obligations  from their sponsors in order to gain revenue and in turn build a car. Naturally the sport is shrouded in politics and the biggest who-ha of the past year has been between Team Lotus and Group Lotus. To set the record Team Lotus, green and yellow, borrowed the name Lotus Racing last year from Group Lotus. Groups Lotus, black and gold/ responsible for Lotus road cars, then entered F1 this year and revoked the use of the name Lotus Racing as they were in the sport. Team Lotus changed their name to what it is today resulting in the vast legal battle of “who is Lotus?” Today a judge came to a conclusion…

The results are in and we have a winner. After months of throwing punches it has been establish that Group Lotus who build the road cars are the undisputed owners of the name “Lotus” and are free to race in the iconic livery. No other team can call their cars “Lotus” on its own. Team Lotus have been allowed to keep their new name for use in F1 only and have also had to pay damages to Group Lotus for breach of contract. Team Lotus can not brand their new ownership of Catherham as a “Lotus” product and only Group Lotus may use the Lotus insignia.

So that is the end of that? Noooo, don’t be silly! Of course Team Lotus want to appeal.