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Tesla Model SD goes All Wheel Drive


Tesla Model STesla have announced the release of a new version of their Model S electric car which will be called the Model SD, with the D standing for Dual Motor. The new model has four-wheel drive and boasts higher performance with better traction.

The original version of the Model S had a single electric motor at the rear of the car powering only the back wheels. Now however, there is a second unit at the front which powers the front two wheels allowing for high precision torque distribution, which will make the car extremely good in slippery conditions.

There are three versions of the Model S Dual Motor: the 60D has twin 185bhp motors, as does the 85D, but has a more powerful battery, annotated by the number in each respective model name.

The third model however is called the P85D, and despite not being the most exciting name, Tesla claims it is the most exciting four-door saloon money can buy. The P, which stands for performance, is no lie. The rear motor produces a 465bhp, which is already more than most Porsche, but then a front motor adds to the firepower and brings it to a total output of 683bhp. Yes, that is just shy of 70BHP more than a McLaren 12C. This biblical power means that the Tesla Model SD can go from 0-62mph in a mere 3.2 seconds rivalling even the most prestigious hyper cars of our time. It will then go on to reach a top speed of 155mph. The 60D and 85D are able to achieve 0-62mph in 5.7 and 5.2 seconds respectively.

Despite being four-wheel drive, Tesla claims that the new models are able to achieve a higher mileage than the two-wheel drive variants and the 60D and 85D are able to reach around 275 miles. Prices start at £67,280 for the 60D, £72,880 for the 85D and £90,680 for the P85D. This may seem a lot at first, but when the unbelievable performance is considered it is reasonable, and could prove to be a very popular option.

In the coming months ‘Autopilot hardware’ will become standard on all new Model S cars. The ability to tell the car to change lane via nudging the indicator stalk and the car sticking to the speed limit by reading road signs are all useful features for a Tesla owner whilst still keeping them in control of the car.

The new Tesla Model SD seems to be a very exciting and interesting car with blistering performance and good looks. A high price tag may put some potential buyers off but I have no doubt that this electric powerhouse will be in high demand.