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The Dangers of Part Worn Tyres


In these times of credit and crunch we are all looking to tighten our belts. Save a few bob here, claim a few pounds back their. Running a car today is a costly business and again, this is something we want to save money where we can. However, cutting corners in some  elements of motoring can be much more hazardous than first thought. We received a press release from TyreSafe that we thought you should read.

“Keith Johnston, 41 from Tyne and Wear suffered terrible life-changing injuries in the smash earlier this year and is now permanently paralysed from the top of his chest down, only able to move his arms and neck.”

“All of the tyres on the car had recently been purchased in a part-worn condition and a police investigation blamed them as a major contributory factor in the accident. The front pair had only been recently fitted but the rear tyres were found to have an illegal tread depth even though they had only been on the car for a couple of months. Keith had always bought part worn tyres and replaced them every few months, unaware of the safety risks associated with buying used tyres.”

“TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, recently revealed the alarming findings of an ongoing investigation it carried out with Auto Express magazine into part worn tyres. Having bought 50 part worn tyres, the tyres were inspected by an independent tyre expert who found that 98 per cent of the tyres were being sold illegally. However, perhaps more concerning was that over a third of the tyres were found to contain other potentially dangerous forms of damage or non-compliance with part worn tyre legislation.”