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The Final Countdown, Ford Focus RS


There is nothing on earth like a fast Ford. The cost effective way of gaining supercar thrills whilst being able to deliver your Mum to the shops is what defines it. Take a run-of-the-mill family car from the line-up, entrust it to some engineers for the month, garnish it with some pedigree and there you go… Instant legend among the masses. The Focus RS joins the long line of fantastic blue ovals to don the badge and in our opinion it’s one of the greatest. Today it is THE BEST hot-hatch on the market, but all good things must come to an end.

Production of the Focus RS is entering its final stages and this is a very sad moment. The practical yet thrilling machine has yet to be bettered by any other car in its class and it’s even a contender we are considering for “car of the decade.” To commemorate the ending of this credit to Ford, the company will offer WRC inspired, 19 inch white finished alloy wheels at the cost of £500. They look stunning on the car and further display this machines performance potential, not that the bonnet grills didn’t already give that away.

The next-gen Focus will spawn an RS model but I’m not as keen on the styling in comparison with today’s car. The jury is out on the next RS… FOR NOW