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The Formula One Car of 2020 Revealed


Formula One is the pinnacle of motor sport. Only the best drivers, the best teams, the best designers and the best engineers make it into this prestigious form of four wheeled competition. Currently there are internal battles ongoing about drastic rule changes in the coming years and how they will shape the future of the sport thereafter. What if we could travel in time and see the outcome of these arguments far beyond their 2013 introduction? What will a Formula One car look like in 2020?

F1 Racing Magazine has partnered up with Renault’s former chief designer Pat Symonds to logically plot the evolution of competitors cars to come. So here is what they have come up with; a car with a standard wing but no aerodynamic downforce capabilities yet sees the reintroduction of ground effect, KERS that posses 250BHP and not 80BHP. Active air intakes that close to increase air flow but open to allow the engine to cool can clearly be seen in these illustrations. Pat says “A few simple assumptions can determine the basic architecture of the car,” he explains. By the time we add a few changes, such as larger wheels and low-profile tyres, we start to get a fairly clear picture of what the car might look like.”

So there you go, a reasonable attempt making hindsight a viable tool.