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The McDaddy, McLaren MP4-12c


McLaren, a name that first entered existence in 1966 when a new team with a bright orange car entered Formula One… Wind the clock forwards 26 years and the name brings you arguably the most mind-boggling super car in the century cars have existed. The McLaren F1 was the world’s fastest and most powerful car and today is still the best preforming naturally aspirated super car of all time. Every aspect of the car, as the name stipulates, is aspired from the realms of Formula One. With its central driving position, 627BHP and gold-lined engine bay the car had only one goal, and that was to beat the Italians at their own game.

The days of the F1 are long gone as production ceased in 1998 with the number of road legal cars stopping at 64. For the next 9 year McLaren went back to being solely an F1 manufacture, and the shadows grew over the legendary road-racer that we all loved. Until now!

McLaren are back kicking asphalt as “McLaren Automotive” open their doors once again. What better way to open a new chapter in McLaren history than a new super car. However to build a car like the F1 again would always be scrutinised and compared with its forefather, so to begin with they give us what the iconic British brand are calling “a core sports car” meaning this car will be in direct competition with the Ferrari 458, Porsche 911, Lamborghini Gallardo. Tall orders to beat back the manufactures who now dominate this sector, but McLaren have the correct mind-set to do it. “Our right to exist is based on the fact that we needed to find a way to exceed our competitors in every way. In the performance of the car, in the quality of the car, and quality of ownership.” Antony Sheriff. Bold claims, but what do they have to take on the might of some of the world best? Ladies and gentlemen, the McLaren MP4-12c.

This British built beauty is McLarens latest weapon in their arsenal. The car is set to go on sale in the summer of 2011 and cost £125,000-£175,000, so very much in Ferrari territory. What do you get for you hard earned pounds? Well, everything you would expect from a company that has won the Formula One constructors championship 8 times. The car is built around a carbon fibre tub within which the driver is the focal point.  Every component from the needles on the speedometer to its 3.8 litre twin-turbo heart is bespoke. A Seven speed dual clutch gearbox, fine-tuned by two F1 world champions will give the driver access to 600BHP. It also has the lowest CO2 per BHP of any car in its class as well as best fuel economy.

This car appeals on every level! It has competitor beating performance, F1 technology coursing through its DNA and a price point that undercuts its competitors by a fair margin. We can’t wait until we can get hold of one.

Ferrari, your cards are marked.