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The New King of the Ring: Ferrari 599XX


The Nordschleife, 20.832KM of the world’s toughest cambers, inclines and corners. The entire track is pure unbridled terror and today is used as a battle ground for performance manufactures to prove their worth. The tarmac has seen many titanic battles over the years for fastest lap times between the likes of the GT-R, 911, ZR-1 to name but a few.

The never ending list of variables on the track makes it near impossible to muster a faultless lap. But today there is a new “king of the ring” and it comes from the prancing horse. A Ferrari 599XX lapped the legendary track in 6:58.16 making it the fastest production-derived car to ever to complete a lap. The 599XX is an extreme variation of the 599 designed for the track; much like the FXX is to the Enzo. It uses a much more intense engine set-up in comparison to the standard 599 and the car itself is used to help Ferrari develop the next generation of road cars by collecting data whilst on track. The clear result of the project so far is the 599 GTO that has engulfed much of the 599XX DNA within its design.

You can enjoy the full lap below and rejoice in the new leader of the pack, until the next one that is…