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The New Lotus Elise, Froogle Fun


The Lotus Elise has been dear to our hearts for many years now; bringing low cost performance coupled with high thrill levels. The cheeky British sports car handles like a mosquito, cornering with minimal effort and good speed. Lotus is well known for their handling set-ups as even today many of the world’s largest manufacturers use the Norfolk based team to create a sports package for their latest cars.

However, out there are those tyrants wanting to quash the ways of the sports car and tax you if you drive anything other than the god-awful Prius. These people are ruthless and are very quickly becoming the cars largest threat, I can foresee the day when you beautiful new Ferrari will be put through the car compactor because it makes too much noise for the daisies to grow. I may have digressed in my moment of rage but I assure you we are coming back to the new Elise.

The latest model is now being offered with a new 136BHP 1.6 litre engine. This relatively small engine may not be able to pump outmany pony’s, but coupled with the cars lighter 1,931 pound kerb weight the Elise S can still gallop to 60MPH in under 6 seconds. Now for the best bit! Despite this clearly being a performance there is naff-all the green police can do about it. The sheer lack of weight means that the car doesn’t have work as hard to lug it around, the effect is that the Elise S will do 46.7 MGP and only emit 149g of CO2 per KM.

This new car is the dagger the motor industry must use to fight the killjoys that want to banish its likes to the history books…