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The Next Generation Of The Supercar Begins Here


They are pinned to bedroom walls all over the world. Set as desktop backgrounds innumerable times. They are often lost in sea of admirers, bathed in the light of camera flashes and a symphony of gasps. The supercar represents many things… Money, fame, status but at its core is one very simple and primitive goal; speed. These machines are built out of a craving for ultimate performance dominating those around them. Looking at fabled brands latest offerings we are witnessing the dawn of a next generation of engineering that’s soul purpose is to push boundaries.

Turn the clock back six months and everyone was content with speeds just exceeding 200MPH, power in the region of 400-500BHP and acceleration of just over 3 seconds. But in this current and ongoing evolution that is sparking quantum leaps into/over boundaries that are the next bench marks. The Lamborghini Murcielago was quite the beast with a V12 that produced power and performance on biblical scales. However 10 years later and the Italian’s new flagship sets the trend for supercars to come. 700BHP, 0-62MPH in 2.9 seconds, a top speed of 217MPH. It’s not just this specific car! No supercar launched this year so far has had a 0-62 time of over 3 seconds. Every single one will achieve more than 210MPH and the power figures? They will simply blow you away.

The environmentalists may be sharpening their scythes in predation for the death of these incredible machines but from the evidence above they will not go without a fight. Welcome to the next generation.