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The Perfect Formula, Racing Drivers


Human nature dictates that we should all be competitive, after all, the natural world would have snuffed us out long ago if we weren’t. Despite this there are some people who don’t see the need to battle for supremacy, these are not racing drivers. Funnily enough sitting in front of the T.V. whilst you do nothing to stop your mates rummaging through your kitchen for the best biscuits isn’t a trait of someone who not only wants to win, but physically craves victory.

A racing drivers mentality focuses on the goal of being better than everyone else. 2nd is the beginning of the losers and by any means necessary they will not be in that category. Why else do they stare death in the face every time they start their engines? To mere mortals risking life and limb for bragging rights and self satisfaction is insanity, yet it is the thing that keeps racing drivers sane. By this definition they are selfish but not through choice. It is an innate force that drives them to accomplish supremacy.

Combined with technology that rivals NASA, their bravery, stubbornness and talent is the perfect tool for success.