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The REAL Lotus Returns To F1


Over the past few months there has been a huge argument between what we currently know as the Lotus team in F1 and actual Lotus who make road cars as to who has the right to the legendary name. Rumors have been swirling around the industry whispering that “road car” Lotus will join the Renault F1 team for 2011 thus forcing “current Lotus” into a difficult situation. I have just this second received an E-Mail confirming the Lotus-Renault partnership for next year.

Lotus “cars” has bought a majority steak in the Renault Formula One team and from next year will be known as Lotus-Renault GP. The company boasts of their success in the 80’s as a pair and hope for similar success in 2011. That may not be such a long shot as Renault were very competitive throughout 2010. The car comes back in the famous black and gold combination that instantly reflects the British teams racing heritage. We do love those JPS colours and they are very welcome to be seen again in F1. Lotus also want to use this opportunity to deport some Formula One racing tech into their upcoming array of sports/supercars.

It’s all very exciting stuff but what about “current” Lotus? Well the last we heard they are planning on using the very same colour scheme but their past few statement have been missing the Lotus name all together. In our opinion the rights belong to road-going Lotus and “current” Lotus were simply renting the nameplate, and if real Lotus now want it back… Well it was theirs in the first place.