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The Show, Development Diary #3


Hello again everyone and welcome to a rather brief diary for this week. First of all I must apologise for its lateness, the cause of this is deducible when I tell you that I’m writing this in bed with a flask of soup. Yes, I have flu…

But getting back to matter in hand, last week we recorded the pilot section of the news for the show that can be found by clicking this link HERE. All-in-all it went rather well, meaning the camera didn’t explode and the lights didn’t bake us alive. Though I did trip over on the set and ended up face first into a chair, I have been assured by my colleges that it will make its way onto the internet in some form or another.

We are currently roaming the Dorset area doing various bits of promotion including the induction of free magnets for all who can find us. I can now also reveal the final trailer of the show before its launch, enjoy it and I talk to you all again next week.

Tyler 😉 (P.S that is assuming that I don’t die of flu!)