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The War On Motorists Has Ended!


These days the road doesn’t feel like somewhere the car naturally belongs, as it must live in fear of snare-traps such as speed cameras and sleeping policemen. It is no longer a stretch of tarmac that acts as a gate to freedom for your prized possession, but is now merely an area the government allow you to use with strict rules and guidelines. Many of us have been scorned by the barbaric attempts to banish us from the roadways WE pay for though tax, and many of us have lost yet more of our hard earn pounds to the pitiful on-the-spot fines that plague the motorist. However, I bare good news… The war on the motorist has ended!

The UK’s new transport minister, Phillip Hammond, on his first day at work announced that Labours war on the road user has come to an end. He states that the country’s 33 million motorists have been a victim of “targeted attacks”. DAM RIGHT! His first acts are to scrap the public funding of the dreaded speed camera, reducing the quantity of clamping firms the government employ, review road tolls and even wrestle the never ending rise in fuel prices. Is there no end to this man’s brilliance? Well, no as he is also attempting to eject speed bumps from the road on the basis that they damage your car.

This is truly fantastic news for the petrol head, but don’t get too carried away… Remember if we all start taking advantage of the lack of speed cameras and the like, the less likely plans like this in the future will succeed. Drive safe.