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This Cats Got Claws, Jaguar’s Hot XKR Confirmed


Jaguar has been on the cat-nip again as it has reportedly confirmed an upcoming, even spicier version, of the already purrrfect XKR. “Ok, I’ll try to the keep the cat puns to a minimum from now on.” Sources at Jaguar put the more powerful XKR in a production window later this year and for inspiration, so they say, the company used the crazy Goodwood Special as a base for the new car. Sources also tell us that the test mule has already lapped the Nürburgring in a very impressive 7 minutes and 58 seconds!

Using the Goodwood special as a benchmark we can speculate that the new car will have the same supercharged V8 that will produce about 530BHP. The one solid guarantee Jag have made is that the car will do over 186MPH, this makes us very happy. We would also expect the XKR maniac edition to be a bit lighter and perhaps have revised suspension over the current range topper.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground.