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#ThrowbackThursday Lancia 037


Martini Racing Lancia 037 Group BFrom at time when rallying ruled the world, this is the Lancia 037. It is more of a fire breathing monster than car. It is both feared and respected in equal measure. Group-B rallying saw this form of motorsport reach popularity exceeding that of Formula One from 1982-86. These excessively powerful, almost unrestricted homologated cars allowed manufactures to battle it out on the worlds rally stages. The spectacle they created was astonishing, but the devastation they left in their wake was tragic. The fact of the matter is that Group-B became too quick, too dangerous in design and cost too many lives. Yet another death, this time of Henri Toivonen in another Lancia, during 1986 saw the series disbanded.

The Lancia 037 is an iconic rally car, especially in its world famous Martini Racing livery. In 1983 it became the only rear wheel drive car to beat the all wheel drive Audi Quattro, a platform which ultimately change rally cars forever, but here was the 037 giving superior technology a run for its money. Being extremely light weight and powered by a mid-mounted supercharged V6 engine, this combination of up to 325HP and just 980KG gave the car a staggering power to weight ratio. It took true bravery from drivers to pilot a car such as this at breakneck speeds through forests, up mountains and in the snow.

Group-B rules stipulated that at least 200 road going versions had to be built and so 220 Lancia 037 Stradale with 205BHP were sold to the public.

The Lancia 037; powerful, exhilarating, legendary but also deadly weapon. It is the definition of Group-B.