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Top 5 Car Videos of 2015


Aston Martin GT12As I am sure most of you will be aware, Inside Lane has put a real focus on video content throughout 2015. A strong investment in time and resources has seen our YouTube channel grow dramatically. Thank you all so much for watching and getting involved in the comments! That’s enough back story, time for the reason you clicked on this article… Here are our top 5 Car videos from 2015.

Below are the top 5 cars in terms of views from the YouTube channel.

2015 Mazda 2 Review

We liked this plucky little hatchback very much and this video which was shot on its launch in Devon UK has proven popular. Being one of the first to test a new car is an honour, but your day gets even better if it is a good one!

2015-Jaguar-XE-R-Sport-rear (1)Jaguar XE Review

This Jaguar came 4th overall in Inside Lane’s “Car of the Year” because it decided to take on a market dominated by the Germans, and guess what? It did a damn fine job!

2016 Ford Focus RS Static Review

Ford Focus RSWe were very fortunate to be invited by Ford to a secret location to take a look at the finished 2016 Ford Focus RS. Taking full advantage of this early access to the car, we got the cameras rolling. In just 35 days it has amassed 150,000 views. If you like that you might want to check out our “Focus RS vs” series where we compare the numbers with key rivals.

Civic Type R vs Subaru WRX STI

This video was always going to spark arguments. The Type R may well be front wheel drive, but it is a very well sorted piece of engineering. Subaru has a loyal following and the WRX STI is a real staple for fans.

Honda Civic Type R Review

2015-Inside-Lane-Car-of-the-Year-5th-Civic-Type-RThis car was so highly anticipated that we produced several videos on it. Whilst the video we shot on its launch in Slovakia with 471,000 views, as well as the race track review did very well, it is the follow-up review we produced in the UK that has totally surpassed expectations. In a short period of time this blue Type R exploring the British countryside has counted over 480,000 views of its own.

Something to keep in mind is that some videos have been published for longer than others giving them more time to clock up the count. Here are a few honourable mentions that are still accelerating hard; 2015 Mini John Cooper Works Review, Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, Mercedes-AMG GT S Review, 2016 Jaguar XJ Review.

Check out our top 5 car videos of 2015 below in the player.