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Top Gear Hosts to Present House of Cars on Netflix?


Top Gear House of CarsTop Gear as we know it is dead and buried with the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May after “Clarkson Gate.” The BBC will relaunch Top Gear with three new hosts and an altered format, but what of the three amigos? Aside from James May buying the last Ferrari 458 Speciale, they have been in talks with both ITV and Netflix about a new car program. If things head in the Netflix direction a new destination for petrol heads could be House of Cars.

According to The Mirror the new show will likely feature on Netflix as there could be a conflict of interest with advertisers on ITV. It wouldn’t sit well with a brand if the show slated a car just after it was advertised. Pictures from Clarkson’s Twitter reveals some sort of filming with Richard Hammond and a Corvette. Playing on the title of Netflix current most popular original series, House of Cards, House of Cars would surly get many people interested in a Netflix subscription.

Whilst these details are far from official, you know what newspapers are like, it would appear that things are moving in the right direction for the trio. What about their tame racing driver? Well, some say…