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Torturing Tyres… and a Handful of Bloggers


TyreThe importance of having a good set of tyres beneath you is a top priority especially when you are seeking performance. At the end of the day you can have all of the power in the world under the bonnet, but when it comes to transferring that to the ground there are only four bits of rubber touching tarmac. In truth the amount of contact your car has with the road is only about the size of a postcard per wheel! A tyre that offers high levels of grip when the road gets twisty is key and Bridgestone with their new Adrenalin tyres put that to the test.

Inviting bloggers from 6 different countries to the famed Ascari Race Resort in spain, they were tasked with writing a blog whilst being hurtled around the race track in challenging conditions. Now, sometimes as a journalist writing a handful on notes on the bus home can be tricky, let alone being subjected to the lateral loads a professional racing driver an generate. Oh, and did I mention they were not allowed to make any spelling mistakes? The video below show the results. It is clear to see that the car has no issues biting into the tarmac and giving the driver the confidence to push hard around the circuit. With Journalists clinging to their laptops, typos being dodged and screams accompanying the chorus of the engine, this comical campaign made us giggle… Check out Bridgestone’s website here for more information on Adrenalin tyres.

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