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Toyota Corolla Concept Shown


Toyota Corolla Furia Concept frontToyota over the past few years have been accused of becoming a bit dull. Gone are the days of their well price Japanese sports cars, now replaced withToyota Corolla Furia Concept rear bland eco-machines. The president of Toyota himself recognized this and has personally spearheaded developments of more exciting cars. The GT86 was a good start but they aren’t stopping there.

The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in the world but these days its also one of the most boring to drive and to look at. This new concept car shows a new future for the hatchback that is much more enticing. Named the Corolla Furia Concept it certainly looks more lively than the current model. Sporting 19 inch rims and a steeply raked windscreen, the car clearly has ambitions beyond ferrying the elderly from a to b. Obviously many things on this car will not make it into production, such as the rear diffuser, but the overall shape is promising and shows that the Corolla could be far from its sell-by date.