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Toyota GT 86 Grows A Turbo With GRNM Concept


The Toyota GT 86 reignites the once explosive “affordable sports car” market for 2012. The well price low slung coupe from Japan is giving rival brands the encouragement they need to produce their own competitors. Toyota said that this car wouldn’t be getting a turbo any time soon, but try telling that to this concept.

Tuned by GRNM along with Toyota, this GT 86 called the Sport FR Concept, is equipped with said turbo and a supercharger. The result is that the 86’s 2.0 litre motor now pumps out 315BHP and 311lb-ft of torque. Other changes include a new exhaust system, stickier tyres, and a rear wing. This may just be a concept car but if it provokes enough salivation from fans we could well see something work its way onto our roads over the next few years.