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Toyota GT86 Cabriolet Drops Its Top For Geneva


Toyota FT-86 Cabriolet rearThe Toyota GT86 is very important in our opinion. It is a machine that is currently sparking a return to affordable sports cars, something that was lastToyota FT-86 Cabriolet front at its hight during the 90’s. The 86 offers a masterclass in having a smile on your face whilst driving, the focus not being on power or equipment but pure enjoyment. At the Geneva motor show this brilliant recipe is being served with a side order of “wind in your hair.”

This is the FT-86 Open Concept, a car that will very soon become the road going GT86 Cabriolet. The low slung drop top has changed very little from its coupe counterpart, keeping its edgy architecture. Structural regality should still be high even without reinforcement due to the original car being design with a future convertible as a possibility. The 2+2 has a fabric roof with a glass rear window that is stowed in the boot. Powered by the same flat four engine as the coupe, it is currently unclear if Subaru’s BR-Z will get the same treatment.