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Toyota GT86 Suits-Up For Britcar 24 Hour


Some people say that motorsport  is a huge waste of time, money and resources. Burning fuel unnecessarily, torturing tyres, what is the point? Well, the truth is that despite what these people say motorsport has brought about almost every big innovation the industry has seen over the past century. Everything from power steering, lightweight constructions, and even the seatbelt came from technological advances made in racing. These days entering and funding a season in almost any discipline is a costly affair and as a result we have seen many big teams shutting their pit lane doors. Toyota may have pulled out of Formula One a couple of years ago but now armed with their new GT86, they are going racing again.

Following up a brilliant endurance effort, the Japanese firm are entering the GT86 into the Britcar 24 Hour. The car sports a livery that echoes back to its AE86 ancestor that competed, and won twice, the British Touring Car Championship. The 197BHP boxer engine remains standard but inside this machine receives all the usual FIA safety equipment. The GT86 racers debut in this class is set for September, winning the event would be quite the boost to an already impressive cars reputation. Can the GT86 triumph over the pack whilst pounding the tarmac of Silverstone for 24 hours? We shall have to wait and see.