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Toyota Mirai brings Hydrogen to the People


Toyota MiraiToyota will be releasing their all new Toyota Mirai, which means ‘future’ in Japanese, on the 15th December in Japan first and then next September for the UK and other European countries. The Mirai is another glimpse at what sort of cars we will all be driving in the coming years and like the Honda FCV, runs on hydrogen.

The Toyota Mirai gives off no CO2 or other pollutants whatsoever and the hydrogen tank can be refilled in around three minutes, similar to a combustion engine. Using world firsts in the technology for electrical efficiency in the Mirai, it has the worlds highest power output density for this type of car.

Despite it being very unlikely, Toyota have taken steps to insure that if a leak does happen, it will be dealt with properly. These precautions include sensors and the placement of the hydrogen tank itself so that if a problem does occur, it will be safe.

Other safety equipment includes a pre-collision system, driver impact alerts and brake control if a risk of a collision is detected. Also there are alerts if the driver begins to stray out their lane unexpectedly and a blind spot monitor. Safety is clearly a huge aim for Toyota and they are using high-level technology to ensure the driver is as safe as possible.

The Mirai is also capable of 110mph, 0-62 in 9.6 seconds and can achieve a 300-mile range on the hydrogen tanks. Hydrogen technology is seemingly not far off petrol and diesel engines already at such a relatively early stage in their development. With tens of thousands of Mirais planning on being produced by the 2020s, we may all be filling up at hydrogen stations very soon indeed.