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Turbo Powered Honda CR-Z Set For Production


We tested the Honda CR-Z hybrid at launch last year and were thoroughly surprised. A hybrid to us translates to a very expensive way to drive a dull car and be no more economical than a diesel Golf, however the CR-Z was very different. The futuristic hatch looked astonishing and drove in a rather entertaining manner enabling you to use the battery to boost performance. We loved it and so did the many people who bought one but with a slump in sales at the end of 2010 Honda are looking to add some spice. And by spice we mean a big manly turbo!

At the end of last your we saw a CR-Z concept powered via turbo and sculpted to look like a rocket. This was just a concept but Honda has had so much interest in the car that its production plans have been moved forwards. Various sources are estimating the finished car will be on a show stand by the end of this year suggesting the the Japanese firm has always been very keen to produce a performance model. Likely to be powered by a 2.0 litre 200BHP petrol engine with forced induction. This hot CR-Z’s intentions are not as green as its siblings…

We can’t wait!


  1. Lose the big wing and replace it with a nice little body colored spoiler, ditch the white vinyl on the sides, and paint it white, silver, or black. I’d be all over that like white on rice! But then again, I really like the standard CR-Z!

  2. Its about time Honda went back to its roots. Most of its cars here in the U.S. are boring to say the least. As a former CRX SI owner I am very happy they are bringing out this model and maybe maybe the will build another praylude or S2000. that would be awsome and hopefully Acura will get their new NSX soon. I miss the days when hondas and acuras were fun to drive not bland appliances on wheels like toyotas.