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Über VW Golf Design Vision GTI Rocks Our Socks


VW Golf GTI Design VisionMany manufacturers have loyal fan bases that simply adore their products. They have the t-shirts, the tattoos, the posters but above all the passion for their make and model. For example I know many Porsche owners who literally will not own anything else for the rest of their lives. Even better than devoted fans is the brand being just as devoted to them. VW have made the Wörthersee show the unofficial home of the GTI and each year they bring a gift for the fans.

The show has previously seen VW reveal the bonkers W12 Golf GTI and for 2013 the Germans have produced something just as mad. This is the Golf Design Vision GTI and it is an amplified output of what future Golfs could look like. Under the aggressively styled bodywork sits a 3.0 litre V6 with not one but two turbos. 503BHP powers all four wheels meaning that this pocket rocket can get from standing to 62MPH in just 3.9 seconds. With a top speed of 186MPH its carbon ceramic breaks are very much needed. The cabin seats just two with the rear seats being replaced with a crossbar.

Don’t expect this one to make production… Sorry.

VW Golf GTI Design Vision rear